Settling In

Settling in_005

I’ve been waiting on a set of dishes like this my whole SLife. Honestly. There are SO many options in this pack (over 30!) to fill your cabinets, shelves, and even single pieces to create a place setting that suits your taste. I love that there are traditional vintage colors, and a white version for those nervous to dive into the pastel pool! I’m thinking that even though I have just moved into this home, renovations in the kitchen may be in order for new upper cabinetry to be able to showoff these babies!

MudHoney Vintage Dishes Blue *Available @ The Food Court Jan 5th-25th

hive // modern farmhouse kitchen
hive // pile of boxes B
hive // magnolia plant

Apple Fall Tea Tins & Tea Books
Apple Fall Copper Pan Stack
Apple Fall Mixer – Copper

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