Pack and go!

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This post, as well as my next, are going to be a little different!
I’m pledging to my first sorority on SL. I’m super excited, but also a tad restricted! Our pledging process is pretty lengthy, and requires us to stay in the pledge house for the next couple weeks (with the exception of weekends!)
Luckily, we’re able to pack before the process begins. We are required to be in uniform, so all of my luggage contains decor, as well as plenty of snacks!

Build :
ROOST – Mitchell Park House V2
ROOST – Mitchell Park Driveway

Landscaping :
Studio Skye Snow
Studio Skye Enchanted Woods

hive // fir tree . a

Botanical – Seasonal Boxwood Bushes
Botanical – Decorative Light Set

Decor :
FELGO Motors // $$ Elite vDISPLAY

MishMish – Teddy Bear Vanilla

-David Heather- His Carryon/Rainbow 1
-David Heather-His Chest/Rainbow
-David Heather-His Bag 2/Rainbow
-David Heather- His Case/Rainbow
-David Heather-Garment Bag/Rainbow
-David Heather-Hot Rollers RARE


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