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Build : Onsu “Ash” Skybox ~ w/ Environment **NEW

Decor :

+Half-Deer+ Favorite Sweater Clutter – ALL – Floor B

-David Heather- Game Cabinet
-David Heather-Model Sailboat
-David Heather-Sneaker Box Mess
-David Heather-Stack of Games
-David Heather-Trophy B
-David Heather-Trophy C
-David Heather-Vulkan Trumpet
-David Heather-Workout Bag

[ kunst ] – FS 400 Floor speaker

[Bad Unicorn] Spike Plush Toy (group gift)
[Bad Unicorn] #11 – Skateboard (Sk8 Life 2)
[Bad Unicorn] Neon SK8 Sign
[Bad Unicorn] SK8 Shelves
[Bad Unicorn] ‘Bad Unicorn 4’ HYPE-R ARCADE MACHINE
[Bad Unicorn] ‘Space Grey’ Lay-zee Gamer Seat
[Bad Unicorn] ‘Space Grey’ Lay-zee Gamer Speaker
[Bad Unicorn] ‘Invader’ Pinball Machine ‘Budget Bachelor Set’
[Bad Unicorn] Mini-bar ‘Budget Bachelor Set’
[Bad Unicorn] ‘White’ Nood Rug ‘Budget Bachelor Set’
[Bad Unicorn] Empty Food Container ‘Budget Bachelor Set’
[Bad Unicorn] Rage Board ‘Budget Bachelor Set’
[Bad Unicorn] Night Light ‘Budget Bachelor Set’
[Bad Unicorn] Leaning Lamp ‘Messy Mondays’
[Bad Unicorn] Railed Grail ‘Messy Mondays’
[Bad Unicorn] Smokers Stool ‘Messy Mondays’
[Bad Unicorn] Un-Starry Night ‘Messy Mondays’
[Bad Unicorn] Messy Mondays Bed
*Edited – This is actually 4 beds stacked – I used the pallets from 3 additional beds to raise the height!
[Bad Unicorn] Stack of EMPTY Pizza boxes ‘Pizza is Life’

[Consignment.] Groves Modular Bookcase – Inserts *Theres a lot rezzed! I used all of the single line books.
[Con.] Modular Wardrobe – Hanging Clusters
[Con.] The Armchair Fan’s Collection – Baseball
[Con.] The Armchair Fan’s Collection – Basketball
[Con.] & floorplan. bean bag chair (blanket) / coffee

[high v.] (home) comics

Apple Fall Industrial Lamp w/ Extender (Rust)

Fancy Decor: Lotion
Fancy Decor: Tissues

3Dreamworld StudiosFarmer crate

Kalopsia – Comic 1
Kalopsia – Hanging Comics

MudHoney Jessie Rug

oyasumi / laundry basket / cloth

PILOT – House Party – Beer Pong Trophy [BLUE]
PILOT – House Party – Beer Pong Trophy [RED]

*I added an orange prim behind the TV and turned the glow to .5%

xin. kolouk huskies (big pillow) RARE

Zaara [Goa party] : Cannabis plant

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